Error while Installing Weavy Server SDK

I have followed the instructions that were given here : Get started · Weavy Docs

I was able to successfully install all the required software (Git for Windows,Visual Studio 2019,SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio)

I also have created a db named weavy as shown here

But when I try to run Weavy solution file, I get this error

500 Internal Server Error
Failed to connect to database on localhost

Any suggestions ?

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Hi @arshpratapofficial , this is unusual. Are you using any local firewall such as windows firewall? Make sure TCP connections are allowed for your SQL server

@ayush thanks for the reply, I had enabled TCP connections for SQL Server and turned firewall off,
you can take a look here

Although a strange thing happened …in the weavy.sln file when I changed the Web.config file setting of connection string from “localhost” to my SERVER Name…it started running.(Although I am not sure if its the right approach to do)


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